Under the direction of Dr. Trisha Acri, family physician, and Dr. Kevin Moore, psychologist, our team is comprised of over a dozen recovery psychotherapists and medical providers who collaborate to take the best care of patients possible. Because addiction is a fatal disease, we have a highly structured and rigorous program. Our comprehensive care package includes:

  • A complete physical exam and visits with a primary
    medical care provider
  • Weekly or twice weekly individual psychotherapy sessions
  • Observed urine drug screens
  • Screening and treatment for chronic conditions
  • Assistance with your insurance and referrals to specialists
  • Administration of Medication-Assisted Treatment (e.g., SuboxoneTM opioid treatment)

Our program believes that hope and personal responsibility are the twin pillars of recovery. A recovering person needs hope that they can build a new healthy and happy life. Then a recovering person needs to take the personal responsibility to do the things that need to be done to build that new life. We aspire to inspire your hope for a healthy and happy life. We hold you responsible to be honest and willing to commit to our program and to your own recovery. We will encourage you to involve supportive family and friends in your recovery.

Advocate for the Healthiest You

We will advocate for you with insurance companies, the criminal justice system, and Department of Human Services/Child and Youth Services and, in return, we expect you to advocate for the healthiest you. We will work with you to set goals that we believe to be realistic, and we will expect you to follow our plan and involve us in your decision-making.

Opioid Treatment

We use a comprehensive set of tools to help you in your recovery. The primary tool is recovery psychotherapy. Our program is built around a weekly meeting with your individual psychotherapist to tailor a unique recovery plan to your needs. We invite patients to come to our support groups, but we require at least once-a-week psychotherapy as the backbone of any opioid treatment, even if medications are not involved.

The main medication we use is Suboxone™, a medication that blocks the usual effects of opioids, prevents withdrawal, and decreases urges and cravings. It does not provide a “high” nor does it make you feel foggy. It will allow you to engage in work, school, or other goals and activities that are important to you.

This medication is not for everyone, and there are addictions that cannot be helped by Suboxone™; therefore, we will only recommend this treatment if we think it will help you. Vivitrol™ is another medication that we may recommend to assist your recovery. It is a monthly injection that can assist some people when we recommend it as medically appropriate.

We will monitor your progress closely and give you the most support possible. We believe that Suboxone™ can be either a long-term or a short-term recovery tool, depending on your situation in life and your recovery goal.

We provide you the Suboxone™ from Eddystone Community Pharmacy at 1207 Chester Pike, Crum Lynne. This pharmacy is a part of our agency, and we will deliver medications to you as part of our integrative service.

Primary Care

In addition to our opioid-treatment program (SuboxoneTM treatment), we also treat other medical conditions to help improve health overall. We regularly screen for and treat chronic and infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, diabetes, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. In addition to our own services, we refer to specialists as needed. We are also active in assisting with insurance, and helping you to get the care that you need.

Psychiatric Medication Management

Our program will prescribe all of your psychiatric medication including anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, and anti-psychotic medications, if we recommend those for you. Our one-stop shop makes it easy for you to get all the parts of your care in one place. If you regularly use benzodiazepines, we might be able to assist you with a community taper, but we never prescribe them on an on-going basis.

STI Testing

Our program offers free and confidential STI testing to the public.  We welcome schedule appointments and walk-ins.