Welcome! We bet you have many questions! We hope this page will answer your questions and give you a sense of what you can expect as a patient at the Center of Integrative Medicine.

When you first come in to CIM, you will have an “intake.” We have walk-in intake hours and you can also call ahead to schedule an intake. The first thing you will do is fill out some paperwork like you would when you are a new patient at any doctor’s office.

You will then meet with a therapist who will assess your motivation to get into sobriety and recovery and determine your level of care. If it is clear that you need to go to inpatient rehab or detox before starting at CIM, you will be referred at this time. If you are appropriate for medication assisted therapy for you opiate use disorder, you will next see a medical provider. You will need to show the therapist that you are willing and committed to working on sobriety from any other substances you might be using in addition to opiates.

You should know that CIM provides your primary care. You will be asked to switch your primary care provider with your insurance company to us. This is so that we can work with you as a whole person – we do not just treat the addiction, but we also with you to get your health back together. We take care of medications, referrals to specialists, treating hepatitis C, and all of the other parts of your healthcare. You should be aware that we do no prescribe or tolerate the use of benzodiazepines while you are a patient.

When you see the medical provider, you will get a full primary care visit and an evaluation for the appropriateness of medication assisted therapy. IF you agree to start MAT, you will sign a contract laying out all the rules and regulations around MAT and how our practice works.

Next you will be scheduled for “induction,” or the first dose of the medication we will be using to address your opiate use disorder. We try to make induction happen as quickly as possible.

You will also begin meeting with a therapist. Every patient at CIM sees a therapist every week to address their goals in recovery. The therapist and others on staff also work as “care managers” to evaluate your needs and make all of the referrals and care coordination that you need to pursue your recovery.

Your therapist may ask or require you to attend group programs. New patients can expect to attend a relapse prevention group to help you build the skills you need to stay off of drugs. We also offer groups using art therapy, working on relationships, and getting healthier in your life. You will be told about all CIM programs during your program orientation.

Recovery is much more than not using. It is changing your life for the better. It is healing. It is building relationships. It is feeling better about yourself. Becoming a better citizen. CIM works with you to help you do all of these things.

Call today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about CIM’s program